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Book Groups

Meeting with a very lively book group in Northern Virginia--lots of great questions!

I'd love to meet with your book group if you are located in the Washington, DC, metropolitan area. If you are farther away, we can Skype. E-mail me


1. Does Seal Woman contain "magical realism"?
2. Are elements of magical realism distinguishable
from events that occur in the imagination of the
3. What does the story reveal about the healing power
of art? of nature? of story?
4. How does Charlotte's fate relate to that of the
seal woman in the folk tale?
5. What is the role of silence? of talking?
6. Does the story feel like historical fiction in
that the character's life is shaped by historical
7. How does Charlotte change in the course of the
8. What does Charlotte learn about art from Max? What
does she learn on her own?
9. How does she apply art to her own struggle for
10.How important is Charlotte's relationship to the
Old Woman?
11.Psychologically speaking, what role does
Charlotte's son Henrik play in her life?
12.Are there differences in the writing style between
the sections that depict Iceland and those that
depict Germany? If so, why?